Anon asked for some advice about eyes, and I… may have gone a bit overboard, ahahaha. I hope it turned out at least a little worthwhile!



Japanese Wisteria Tunnel

These photos were taken at the Kawachi Fuji Garden, about a four hour drive from Tokyo, but there are wisteria festivals all over Japan, including at the Kameido-Tenjin Shrine, where tourists in the Edo period often visited the famous wisteria; the Wake Wisteria Park, in Wake-cho, Okayama, and at Ashikaga Flower Park, which has three massive wisteria trellises that extend 3,280 feet squared. (Time Out Tokyo has a list of additional notable wisteria around the city worth visiting.)

Need to go visit this place 

A Tribe in New Guinea lives only in Tree Houses at least 100 ft high.


bitch this is like learning how to draw luca’s hair all over again.

Thank you for all of your patience regarding the late Sfeer Theory update. I’ve actually been working very hard on it for the past couple of weeks and I will do my best to get it up (finally) this weekend. The last scene of chapter 2 will be uploaded all at once.


anon asked me how do I draw different sized boobs so I whipped up a tutorial (I draw slow, sorry) I am not a good expert at boobies soo sorry x2! weh haha

basically flat = pointy-ish, as boobs size increase the lower half gets rounder, then the top half. boobies are floppy towards the sides due to gravity


shape/perspective of boobs


all the oppais!

even though I am still not really good at drawing boobs at all sigh… i hope you find this useful even for a bit hahaa……..;;